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Its not fun loosing your Snowboard down the hill when you don't quiet make that jump or turn. By using a Snowy Strap Snowboard Boot or Leash Strap  your board will be right beside you no matter how big your stack might be!


Snowboard Boot Strap - Attached the split ring to one of the buckles on your boot. Thread the loop of cord halfway through an anchor point on your board bindings then bring the rein clip through the loop (creating a Larks head/Cow hitch knot). Clip the strap to the split ring using the rein clip. The cord comes in three colours while the webbing strap is black.


Snowboard Leash Strap - Attach the 50mm velcro strap around the top of your boot and then lock the leash to the bindings of your board.


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Snowboarding Safety Straps

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