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Stop your customers struggling with skis from the carpark to the slopes! The Ski Carry Straps will free up their hands. There are four Ski Carry Straps models available - Child, Adult, adjustable Adult with removable foam buckles and Adult Backpack.


The velcro buckles, on all four models, keep skis secure while carrying them to the slopes. 


The Child's model has an adjustable 25mm strap and is suitable for a wide age range. Secure skis and then place the strap over your shoulder. 


The Adult Ski Carry Straps comes in three models:


Adult - has a 38mm webbing with fixed 50mm velcro buckles 


Adjustable Adult with foam inserts - has a 38mm adjustable webbing with foam inserts in removable 50mm velcro Ski Tie buckles. 


Backpack - has an adjustable 38mm strap that can be looped over each shoulder and worn like a backpack. Alternatively, it can just be adjusted to suit your height and place over your shoulder. Small size is suitable for children and small adults (up to 160cm) and the large for anyone over 150cm. Buckles are made with 50mm velcro.


Each model is sold in sets of 10. Discounts have been applied for 2 or more sets.


All prices are GST inclusive.


Please go to to view our Returns & Refund Policy.

SCS - Ski Carry Straps

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