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Customers will never loose their hat again when they are out exploring nature! They simply clip one end of the Cap Strap to the hat and the other end to their collar.


This Cap Strap measures approximately 20cm, is made with 20mm webbing and the choice of a patterned braid. The webbing is available in black (B), white (W), red (R), royal blue (RB). Your logo can be used instead of the above patterns. Webbing is also available in additional colours to suit your logo. Please call to discuss your needs.


  • Sold in sets of 10
  • Mixed Plain webbing sets consist of 3 black, 2 red, 3 royal blue and 2 white
  • Mixed Nautical patterned sets consist of 3 black, 3 red, 3 royal blue and 1 white webbing
  • Mixed Geometric patterned sets consist of 5 black and 5 royal blue webbing


For all other varations please contact us to discuss.


Discounts have been applied for 2 or more sets.


All prices are GST inclusive.


Please go to to view our Returns & Refund Policy.

CS - Cap Strap

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