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Keep your keys secure wherever you go with a Snowy Strap! Attach your keys to the split ring, then use the swivel clip to attach the strap to your clothing or equipment.


The Key Strap is made with 20mm webbing, a split ring and a black nylon swivel clip.


The Key Strap w/- Float is made with 8 strand black braided cord, a split ring, split clip and a block of cork, measuring approximately 25x25x40mm. So whenever you're on the water - never loose them overboard again! Attach your keys to the split ring or split clip. The cork will ensure that your keys will stay afloat when they fall in the water. The split clip can also be attached to your clothing or equipment.


With four styles to choose from and loads of different webbing colours, you'll find one that suits your needs.


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Key Strap

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