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Performance Straps do exactly that - improve performance. By minimising the movement of your leg within your boot, you can make sharper turns, solid landings and improve your overall technique. Snowy Straps offers two different models to suit your style, your boots and your technique.


Power Strap - Made from 50mm velcro and black webbing. This strap is light weight and provides a firm support to the top of your boot. Place the Power Strap at the top of your boot and tighten before going on to tighten the remaining four buckles on your boots (top to bottom).


Booster Strap - The combination of high density webbing, camloc and neoprene cushion, provides a greater range of tension and energy return. The Booster Strap is placed at the top of your boot. Tighten in the same way as the Power Strap. 


Both models come as a pair and can be riveted onto the back of each boot - installed as a fifth strap/buckle.


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Performance Straps

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