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This fantastic harness is interchangeable for smartphones and action adventure cameras.


The harness is made with 38mm and 25mm black elastic and has an adjustable side release buckle next to the front mounting block. The shoulder straps are adjustable but are designed to sit high on your chest with the straps sitting just below your under arms.


Smart phone harness mount - The mounting adaptor suits phones with a width of 5.9-8.8cm. The clamps are spring loaded to automatically lock the phone in place. The mounting adaptor is padded with EVA foam to protect your phone. The tilting screw can be loosened to allow easy access to the screen or to adjust for the perfect angle.


Action camera harness mount -  The action camera casing is attached by sliding a bolt through the mounting fork of the harness, through the camera casing and then the other side of the mounting fork. The tilting screw can be adjusted for easy access to the back  of the action camera or to change the recording angle.


Both mounting options are included with the harness.


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Video Chest Harness

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